The Midwifery Profession: Attractive Midwife Salary for a Challenging Service

Given the high midwife salary range, it is no doubt that the midwifery profession has now doubled as a socially and financially rewarding job, socially in a sense that the midwife’s job entails responsibility over the mother and the baby, and financially because of the above-average paycheck that a practitioner gets every month. Indeed, the midwifery practice has achieved a new level of popularity despite the presence of the more comprehensive OB-gynecology. With the growing trend in home and normal deliveries, lots of job opportunities await the graduates of midwifery courses.

The midwife salary bracket is currently set at $60,000 to $80,000 per annum. However, the kind of training and certification that a midwife has acquired still has something to do with the amount of paycheck that he/she receives. For example, a CPM or a Certified Professional Midwife can have a higher salary compared to a licensed midwife practitioner. The same thing also applies to nurse-midwives and assistant midwives. They may get monthly salaries that are higher or lower than the standard paycheck.

Another factor that affects the salary rate of the midwives is the length of their service. Apparently, a midwife who has consistently been performing well in his/her job for years can command higher fees as compared to the newly licensed practitioner. This is usually applicable only to midwives who have chosen to work independently. In spite of this, the said fees may still be subject to the policies that have been created by a governing body of a specific region.

The attractive compensation, plus the challenging role of a midwife, has become the main reason for the current influx of enrollees for midwifery courses. In fact, even those who are on active health care services are planning to shift to midwifery. Once they graduated from a certification course, these allied health care professionals can easily market their skills as compared to those who are yet to establish their reputation.

Despite the whopping midwife salary per year, the midwifery profession is not for the faint-hearted. The job can be physically taxing at times. A midwife may be called on during odd hours to assist in the delivery of a patient at home. On top of that, a midwife is required to give moral support to the patients, which makes the job more demanding than it already is. This is pretty much why the midwives get compensated well -they have one of the most challenging jobs in the health care industry.